Helping Hands Therapies 
Helping Hearts, Minds and Bodies Grow

We provide Occupational and Speech Therapy for optimal growth and development for each indiviual child within her family, educational and community setting.  .  

Helping Hands Therapies provides individaul Occupational and Speech Therapy to  Marin and Sonoma County families, in a fun, family-friendly enviornment.  . We are fortunate to have access to a team of professions to adress the communication, motor, sensory and self-regulation needs of each indvidual client. 
Occupational Therapy Service includes:  
Comprehensive evaluations of sensory processing, fine motor, visual perception, and self-care skills.
Sensorimotor integration programs for those with  sensory processing, self-regulatory, or motor planning challenges.
Visual Motor, ocular motor and visual perceptual programs to develop eye hand coordination and hand writing difficulties.
Therapeutic listening programs to develop spatial and body awareness as well as improve listening challengers.
Self-help skills programs to increase independence with activities of daily living.
Sensory feeding programs to help children learn to eat a variety of foods and textures.   
Speech and Language Therapy Service Includes:
Comprehensive evauations of expressive and receptive language and articulation
Therapeutic techniques designed to foster total communication including sign lanuage, picture exchange and technology as appropriate for each child and family.